Plexus Slim Challenge

Plexus Slim

Plexus Slim Challenge

Today is the day that you make a decision that will impact the next month, six months, year or longer! You have sought out a solution to your weight loss problems for too long and struggled financially long enough! Make the decision that can change the course of your life forever by taking the Plexus Slim Challenge.

Plexus Slim is not just another dietary supplement that you buy and try then never use again. You can take this simple product and apply it in different ways as it pertains to your individual need: health, finances and lifestyle. You don’t just get into Plexus Slim for a “super pill” or “power drink” that cures every ailment in your body… Because if you are looking for that, there are plenty of places that “sell” such a thing and will leave you broke and worse off than before. Plexus Slim does not make these outrageous claims of rapid success with little work, has it happened? I’m sure it has but let’s be real… That is not the normal and that is what other companies try to market as the normal.

If you want to begin the first of many lifestyle changes to promote a better YOU, then you are in the right place. I am not here to claim Plexus Slim as the end all of dieting but it is a great start! I am not promoting that you will make millions of $$$$ either but you can make a good supplemental income. Most lose 10lbs+ and gain extra income in their first month of using the product and selling. Give it the 30 Day Challenge and see how your life can be changed! Once people notice your shrinking size, they will want to know your secrets… So… Let the secret out!

Are You Ready to Make A Change? or Are your complacent in your current situation?


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Plexus Slim Cost vs Others

Dollars and Cents: How much are you willing to pay?

Plexus Slim Cost vs Others

So let’s break down the cost so you can make sense of all this…

As a Preferred Customer, you will receive a 30 Day Supply of Plexus Slim and a 30 Day Supply of The Accelerator for breaks down to only $3.32/day. My Lattes cost more than that and they don’t help me lose weight and better my life!

As a Retail Customer, you will receive a 30 Day Supply of Plexus Slim and a 30 Day supply of The Accelerator for breaks down to $3.84/day. It may not seem like that much of a difference per day but we all know how a little bit of money can add up quickly!

Compare Plexus Slim to Medifast… a 4 week supply (only 28 days) for $341.50! That is prepared meals and what happens when you get off of this expensive diet? Any ideas? You bet… you gain it back plus some. All for the pleasure of spending $341.50!

Compare Isagenix… $382.00 for a 30 day supply!!! It consists of meal replacement shakes tasting of “chocolate” and vanilla and a few bars to naw on when you’re so hungry after the shake has worn off but you can’t have the second one yet. Does this sound sustainable to you?

Compare also Body bi vi… the Ultamite Transformation Kit… $249.00 for a 30 Day Supply and they want you to do a 90 day challenge. That’s $750 for 3 months!

How about Nutrisystem? $409.00/mo
Jenny Craig? $400.00/mo
South Beach? $348.00/mo

The list can go on and on… Not only that but you have pie charts and bar graphs and progress sheets and… holy crow… it’s a full time job that YOU ARE PAYING FOR! Ugh! It’s exhausting just thinking about all the money and output of energy and time that needs to be put in to these “systems”.